The Problem

We’ve all been there. You’re about to start an important presentation or conference call. You take a deep breath and… you can’t find the cable to plug in your laptop while you frantically search for the remote... and the batteries are dead. Or all the attendees are crouched shoulder to shoulder around your laptop’s camera just so your colleagues can try to see and hear. Technology should enhance your experience and support the open exchange of ideas and information, not hinder it.  

The Solution

Dialogue is a thoughtfully crafted technology system based on design theory, research and an iterative process with attention to detail. Dialogue takes the complexity out of conference room technology with intuitive controls and operation, crystal clear sound, and high definition visuals.


Intuitive Intelligence

Dialogue is an intuitively designed, plug-and-play presentation and conferencing system that removes all guesswork from your conference room technology. With one-touch and fully automatic connectivity, you can easily present information or connect with your colleagues in the room and around the world. 

Experience Expertise

Through our years of experience designing highly functional, custom AV solutions and integrating technology into thousands of collaborative spaces, we recognized the need for a more streamlined solution to support information sharing among teams. Dialogue is designed and optimized to remove barriers to sharing ideas and collaborating with your co-workers.