Basic Information

Question: Can I connect my Cable Box, Apple TV, Blu-ray player or other device to Dialogue?

Answer: Yes, the Go-Touch controller can be programmed to include a selection for up to 4 additional devices. The user will use the device’s remote control for operation and control of each specific device.

Question: Will Dialogue work with my PC, Laptop and other personal mobile devices?

Answer: Yes, using HDMI directly or through a Mini-HDMI, Micro-HDMI, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, USB-C and VGA to HDMI adapter.  Dialogue also has a wireless receiver option.

Question: What’s the difference between a Dialogue Presentation system and Dialogue Conferencing System?

Answer: The Presentation system is designed to provide screen sharing capabilities for multiple meeting participants wishing to display their PC, laptop or mobile device content with the group. The Conferencing system provides identical screen sharing capabilities plus the ability to audio and video conference with remote sites.

Question: How long does it take to install a Dialogue system?

Answer: Dialogue orders and ships in (8) weeks or less and installs in (2) days.

Question: How many Dialogue Go Ports may be installed in a conference table-top?

Answer: Dialogue accommodates a maximum of (4) Go Ports per table system.

Question: How many Dialogue microphones may be installed in the table-top?

Answer: The Dialogue Base system comes equipped from the factory with a capacity for up to (8) microphones. However, for larger tables, you may incorporate additional microphones by using one or more optional microphone expansion module thus providing for a virtually unlimited number of microphones.


Question: How do I turn the Dialogue system on?

Answer: The Dialogue system may be turned on in any of (3) ways. First, a user can push any of the Go Port’s Go-Buttons which will illuminate to confirm the selection. Second, the system can be configured to automatically turn on whenever a user connects their laptop to one of the Go-Ports. Third, the system can be configured, via a user interface on the Go Touch controller, to automatically turn on and off at specific times of day.

Question: How do I turn the Dialogue system off?

Answer: Push and hold any Go Button for (5) seconds or select power-off on the Dialogue Go Touch controller. In addition, the Dialogue system can be configured, by the user to automatically turn off at a specific time.

Question: How do I adjust the Dialogue Conferencing system’s volume?

Answer: Either select the volume control on the connected PC or adjust the volume via the Dialogue Go Touch controller.

System Requirements

Question: Can I upgrade from a single monitor to a dual monitor system?

Answer: Yes, but only with the Conferencing System. The Dialogue Presentation System supports a single display.

Question: What’s included with a Dialogue Base Conferencing system?

Answer: The Base Conferencing system includes one Audio Control Core processing unit, one Video Control Core processing unit and one cable dongle adaptor kit. To complete the system you’ll need to add a Go Touch controller, Go Ports, microphones, speakers and a single display interface for basic operation.

Question: What type of PC connection does Dialogue require?

Answer: Dialogue supports HDMI connectivity with adaptors available for Mini-HDMI, Micro-HDMI, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort, USB-C & VGA.

Question: Will I be able to use my current sound system?

Answer: Possibly, this will be determined based on the sound system’s ability to integrate with and meet Dialogue’s integration requirements.

Question: Can I specify my own TV or use my existing TV if I decide not to purchase one from Dialogue?

Answer: Yes, as long as your TV comes equipped with an RS-232 control port and HDMI connection. Also, in order to facilitate proper control functionality, we recommend the use of TV’s manufactured by one of the following companies, i.e. Samsung, LG Electronics, Sharp, Panasonic, Sony or NEC. Finally, although not a requirement, we recommend the use of commercial grade TV’s due to their robust design features such as heavy duty heat-sinks, quiet efficient fans designed for extended use and white glove warranty service. These commercial TV’s may be purchased from Dialogue as part of your system.

Question: What, if any, software do I need to buy?

Answer: No special software needs to be purchased. However, in order to use the Dialogue Conferencing system you’ll need a web conferencing App such as Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, BlueJeans, or WebEx etc. Dialogue is not software specific; it is a self-contained, stand-alone technology. There are no software charges or monthly fees associated with Dialogue.

Question: What tables can Dialogue be placed in? Are we limited in our selection?

Answer: Dialogue will work with most major conference room table manufacturers. In addition, a Dialogue system can be retro-fitted into many existing conference room tables.

Question: Can a Dialogue System make phone conference calls?

Answer: Yes, the Conferencing system utilizes Dialogue’s built-in table microphones and Go Touch phone dialer to connect with the remote location.

Question: What makes a Dialogue audio conference call better than other systems?

Answer: The Dialogue system works just like a basic speaker phone, but with far better sound quality. This is due to the close proximity of the professional microphones we build into the table-top and the robust external speakers we install that provide uniform high-quality sound coverage for all meeting participants.

Question: Are there any particular phone system requirements to enable audio conferencing.

Answer: Yes, Dialogue operates with either an Analog or VoIP telephone system. Whichever system your firm utilizes will need to be specified at time-of-order so your Dialogue system comes equipped with the correct telephone interface.

Phone Conferencing

Question: Will Dialogue work with other hardware-based video conference systems?

Answer: Yes, Dialogue will work with most video conferencing systems in the marketplace. Dialogue works with LifeSize, Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg and most other high definition codecs and web-based video conferencing applications.

Question: Does Dialogue provide web conferencing software applications as part of their system?

Answer: No, it is up to you and your organization to select and provide the application that works best for you. These applications need to be present on your laptops and PC’s and are not a part of the Dialogue system.

 Question: Is it necessary to have a Dialogue Conferencing system on the other side of a video conference call for the system to work?

Answer: No, Dialogue does not require a Dialogue system to be present on the other end of the video conference call for proper operation.

Question: How do I initiate a USB video conferencing call?

Answer: Step 1 - Plug your PC or Laptop’s USB and HDMI connectors into the designated USB/HDMI Go Port.  Step 2 - Select and push the Go Port’s Go-Button to display your laptop. Step 3 - Launch your preferred web conference App on your PC or laptop and select the Dialogue system as your video and audio source.

Question: Does the wireless receiver option work with video conferencing?

Answer: Yes, the wireless receiver works during a video conferencing call with the same ease, dependability, and quality as a direct HDMI connection.

Question: How many remote site locations can be connected and participate in a video conferencing call?

Answer: Since Dialogue uses the web application on your PC or laptop, that number is determined by your video conferencing application’s capabilities, i.e. Google Hangouts, Skype for Business, BlueJeans, etc.

Question: Why is the Dialogue system a preferred video conferencing solution versus using my laptop’s built-in system capabilities?

Answer: Dialogue enhances the way you communicate by providing a front-of-room high-definition PTZ camera so everyone in the conference room can be seen without having to huddle around your laptop’s miniature camera. In addition, Dialogue integrates multiple table microphones into the system so everyone at the remote site can hear you clearly and Dialogue provides robust external in-room speakers so you can hear everyone talking from the remote site with full room sound reinforcement quality. Finally, Dialogue provides a convenient Go Touch control and phone dialer for fast, easy and reliable operation.

Video Conferencing

Question: Will I receive local on-site service under the Secure Advantage program?

Answer: Yes, however the first step will be to attempt to resolve the problem you’re experiencing by having our Dialogue Technical Support Team remotely connect to your system to see if the issue may be corrected through a series of on-line diagnostic software commands.  Should this remote diagnostic process fail to resolve the issue a local Certified Technical Service Provider will be dispatched to your location for on-site service.

Question: Is Secure Advantage an optional program that I’ll need to purchase separately?

 Answer: No, the first year of Secure Advantage comes with your Dialogue system; thereafter, Secure Advantage coverage may be extended for up to two additional years for an additional fee.

Question: What if my system needs a component replacement due to a system malfunction that can’t be repaired in the field?

Answer: Under the Secure Advantage program with Advanced Replacement Service we’ll ship you a replacement component within (48) hours. Once received the local Certified Technical Service Provider will install and test the new component while assisting you with the timely return of the defective unit.

Question: How will Dialogue be remotely accessed for technical support?

Answer: In order to provide remote diagnostics the Secure Advantage program requires your Dialogue Conferencing system to be connected to your network. We’ve developed several ways this may be accomplished so as not to interfere with your IT department’s security requirements.

Question: Does the Secure Advantage program cover the Dialogue Presentation system?

Answer: No, due to the straightforwardness of the Presentation system there is no need to provide Secure Advantage coverage for this system. 

Secure Advantage